How to Install a Pool Safety Cover

how to install a pool safety cover

The family swimming pool is a great place for fun in summer, but some time it could be a dangerous place. Make it safer for you, your child, your friends and your pet with a pool safety cover. Because installing a safety cover is a very significant safety measure you can take. If you have an in-ground swimming pool, installing a pool safety cover is easy — just follow this article, step-by-step instructions for installing an inground pool cover.

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Why Should You Install a Pool Safety Cover

There are 3 main reason why you should insall a pool safety conver.

Reason 1: Safety Protection

It’s important to install a pool safety cover, because it can protect your family members including your pets from accidental drownings. A pool safety cover can prevent anyone from falling into the pool if there are kids or pets in the area but without adult supervision. Just like Mesh Pool Fence, but it will cheaper than it.

Reason 2: Keep Swimming Pool Clean

It can create a barrier between your swimming pool & outside. Which can help to do less work to maintenance by keeping leaves and debris out of the water, keep your swimming pool and water clean. In this case, it’s better than mesh pool fence & pool safety net.

Reason 3: Reduce heat loss

You may need to hot your swimming pool in winter. Otherwise it will too cool. Installing a pool safety cover will reduce evaporation by trapping heat inside while still allowing airflow through openings in the sides of your new enclosure.

Tools Needed For Installing Pool Safety Covers

Now that you’re ready for pool safety cover installation, it’s time to get started. The first point to follow is to have the right tool for the job. Here are some of the tools you will need in your swimming pool cover installation.

Safety Glasses

These are necessary for installing pool covers because they help to protect your eyes from flying debris or splashing water when working on a pool deck. If your eyes aren’t protected with safety glasses, then any debris or water could cause permanent damage if it hits them directly (which would require medical attention).


You should always have at least one pair of pliers handy when working around metal objects such as pipes and brackets when you are installing pool cover because these tools make it easier for you to grip them tight enough so that they don’t slip out of your hands while tightening screws or bolts.

Hammer Drill

The heavy-duty rotary hammer drill is equipped with a 3/4″ x 18″ long masonry drill bit to prepare the ground and to install Deck anchors. You should also need an extension cord from the hammer drill.

Sandbags or Buckets

1-2 people to help hold the pool cover together so that it doesn’t slip or you can use buckets of water plus sandbags in the second case. Make sure that all your materials match what is included in the pool cover kit when doing this job.

Steps to Install a Pool Safety Cover

In order to install a pool safety cover successfully, we made a video guidance for you. Together with the detailed introduction for the steps. Sure you can make it by yourself if you follow our steps.

Step 1: Clean Your Swimming Pool & Pool Around

Before we start to install pool safety cover, we’d better to have a big clean for our swimming pools & the area around our pool. Because it’s will be getting hard to clean it after our installation. Also remove the swimming pool ladders & the handrails.

Step 2: Measurement for Your Pool & Pool Cover

There’s nothing worse than getting your pool cover and finding out it doesn’t fit. Avoid all the hassle by taking measurements before you buy your pool cover. If you don’t have any handy, the following steps will give you a rough idea. Measure the width and length of your pool. Divide that number by two for the size of overlap (you’ll need about 10-15 inches of overlap) . This will give you an idea about inches, now drag the cover tightly so that there would be no wrinkles and lie flat. Now, mark the reference points with chalk outside your radius around your pool.

Step 3: Rolling Out Your Pool Safety Cover

During this step, you’d better to invite 2 or 3 friends that together with you. Then carefully unfold your safety cover, trying not to snag anything. Next, place and stretch it over your pool, with the cautionary label facing up. Line it up with the markings you made to make sure that the center of all four sides is aligned with the center of the pool.

Step 4: Drilling Holes in Ground

Right now you will need Hammer Drill. Per your measurement in step 2, you can drill holes in Ground. And that’s preparation for our next tep of Installation of anchor.

Step 5: Install Anchor & Insert the brass

When installing a swimming pool cover on your pool, mark four points about 18 inches from the edge around your pool. Drill the holes according to the center most straps that match the cover length. Once you have drilled the four anchors ,time to connect the springs with the installation rod. Carefully adjust the tension and overlap on springs. Now, repeat the process for centermost seams across the safety cover. Now, attach the cover to your anchor with included clips and screws, then secure the cover with an additional lock-tight sealant around each of its four corners (two in front, two on top).

Test for leaks by filling up your pool and making sure there’s no water seeping out under it or through any areas where you can see gaps between panels of safety covers—this will happen if something isn’t sealed properly during pool cover anchor installation!

Step 6: Place Springs & Using the buckle

You can attach the pool cover straps to the springs that come with your pool cover installation and simply place them on the anchors. You need to make sure that all springs are at an equal tension, usually around 50% tense.

It’s also important to check your specific manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you’ve done everything in the best way possible. A poorly installed cover that sags into the water will be useless and cause expensive problems. Let’s not do that this winter.

Step 7: Connet the Spring to the Brass Anchor and Pull Tightly

To fully expand the spring, first pull on both ends simultaneously. The triangular end should be attached to the strap with the round end pointing downward. Run the strap’s end through the buckle’s top opening while bending it toward the cover. It should be bent back toward the buckle’s end before being looped through the bottom buckle. If you are acquainted with backpack buckles, then this would be similar.

Finally: Repeat Step 5 to Step 7

Finally, Adjust the straps length, properly adjust the springs and their tightness for perfection. Continue working until you have the ideal overlap or deck coverage, as well as the ideal cover tension. Finally, you’ve rock the ground by installing pool safety cover by yourself!

Note: Pool safety cover installation should be done before you leave home for vacation or vacationing, because if there is any movement in the safety cover while it’s being installed, then it could cause problems later down the road when trying to enjoy your new swimming hole!

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