How Much Does a Pool Fence Cost

how much does a pool fence cost

If you’re thinking of adding a pool fence to your yard, you will likely be surprised by the cost. The average installation of a pool fence is $1500 -$9000 and that doesn’t include the cost of materials or labor. So how do we calculate the price? We’ll look at the factors that contribute to each part of this total cost.

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The Factors for Calculating Pool Fence Cost

The cost of a pool fence depends on the multiple factors that contribute to the final cost. General there are two parts for the cost. One is the pool fence itself, like the material, the size, the shape, the pool fence type, the brand and so on. And another parts is the labor for installation cost.

The Materials

The cost of pool fence material depends on the quality and type of material you choose. It’s vital that you choose one that matches your yard and pool decorating style but also offers long-lasting durability, so you don’t have to replace it every few years. If possible, ask about any special treatments or coatings before making your final decision! There is an overview of different materials cost

Mesh Pool Fence Cost

Mesh fences are made from polyester coated in PVC that has small holes in them. They are lightweight, durable and UV resistant. More important it’s easy to be installed, Removed and stored by an adult. Mesh pool fence costs also are very different from brand to brand. The average overview of mesh fences per linear foot on market is $0.40 to $1.5

Z&Z Industry Corporation is a professional Mesh Pool Fence Manufacturer Since 2006. Various Mesh Pool Fence With Factory Price

Chain Link Fence Cost

Chain link fences are made from steel bars that are linked together in order to create an impenetrable barrier around your pool area. These types of fences are very solid and durable, but they also tend to be expensive compared with other options available on the market today. On average, a chain link fence costs $3-$5 per foot, depending on the size and location where it needs to be installed

Vinyl Fence Cost

If you want your pool fence to stay clean longer than a few years, then vinyl should be your top choice. Vinyl fencing is durable as well as attractive, so it will last longer than other options like chain link or mesh, which tend to get dirty easily due to their material composition. Vinyl Fence costs $10 to $30, which slightly increased after adding the labor and installation fees UpTo $15 to $40

Wood Fence Cost

If you’re looking for a fence that will last, then wood is the way to go. Fences made of wood appear in plenty of designs and sizes, and the majority of them are climbable by even the most tenacious kids. Nevertheless, they provide a wonderful look for a fair price. Depending on the type of wood, the style, and the pattern, you may expect to pay between $3 and $30 per linear foot. In the long run, there are also higher maintenance expenditures for a wood fence, such as cleaning and staining.

Aluminum & Wrought Iron Fence Cost

Wrought iron fencing is a great way to upgrade your backyard. The high-end aesthetic and sturdy construction make it perfect for families with young children. Wrought iron is not the safest option for families with young children as it is easy to climb; wrought iron typically comes at an expensive price of $20 to $35 per linear foot. The aluminum pool fence cost would be the same since wrought iron fences are usually made out of aluminum or steel instead of wrought iron.

Tempered Glass Fence Cost

Tempered glass pool fences are attractive because they allow you to enjoy your view without feeling like you’re in a jail cell. They’re impossible for children to climb, and every splash of water or smudge your kids make will show up easily—so they should be cleaned regularly. Glass pool fence costs vary from $100 to $600 per linear foot. However, it may increase the value of your home and is quite safe for your children.

The Labor Cost for Pool Fence Installation

Actually the pool fence installation is not that complicated and just need some professional tools. So many people choose to install Pool Fences by themselves. You can check this post of < Pool Fence Installation >. Also there are many families choose contractors who are specialized in this kind of work. Some of them don’t want to spend the time on it. Some of them don’t have the professional installation tools. And some just think the professional tema can work better. Therefore, pool fence installation cost is also added in actual cost to take an overview. There are no general charge for it. Because different countries & places, the labor cost is quite different.

Pool Size & Shape

The size and shape of your pool can affect the pool fencing price too. For example, if you have a rectangular pool, it will be easier to install a fence in that shape than if your pool is oval or round. Oval and round pool fences’ cost is higher than rectangular fences. Because swimming pool fence prices are different for different shapes and sizes.

You should also need to consider the height of the fence, which is measured by some factors like your local regulations (if one exists) and personal preference.

The minimum height requirement for a residential pool fence is 5 feet high or higher, but if you live in an area with stricter laws about keeping children safe around pools, then it might be worth considering another option, such as an above-ground fence instead. When calculating the swimming pool fence cost, you should also consider fence height too

The Brand for Fence

Fence brands are also an important factor when calculating the cost of fence, as each brand offers its own style and type of fence. For example, vinyl fences of one brand have different prices than the vinyl fence of another competitor’s brand. Further, each brand offers different fence strength power

The Type Of Gate

A pool gate cost also matters as the gate for your pool fence is also more expensive than a standard gate used on other kinds of fencing because it needs specialized hardware such as hinges, latches, and handles that don’t come standard with regular gates; these parts also add additional weight (in pounds) to each side of your fence so be sure you have enough room around your swimming hole before purchasing one!

Because when it comes to gates, you’ll pay more for heavier gates that will last longer than lighter ones with thinner metal or plastic parts. The types of gate options available will vary depending on your needs: some require an electrician’s installation, while others don’t require any power at all

How to Save Money on Pool Fence Costs

As we can see that it’s not cheap to have a pool fence for your swimming pools. But it’s important to have them. Because it’s not about beauty your yard, But more important it’s about safety. So how to save money on Pool Fence Costs. Here we have some suggestions for you.

No.1: Buy Pool Fence In the Slow Season

If you’re thinking of having a pool fence installed, it’s important to consider the time of year when you will be installing it. The summer months are typically more expensive for pool fences because there is not as much demand for these types of products during this period.

If you book in the winter season, however, you can get a discount on your bill—sometimes up to 50% off! This is because there aren’t as many people swimming or playing by the pool during this time either. In general, though: book early! Booking within one month will guarantee that your chosen fence company has enough work available on their schedule so they can offer competitive prices on their services (and also allow them time enough to ensure quality installations).

No.2: Choose the More Suitable Material for Your Pool

We listed several different type of pool fence in the articles. The price is totally different. You can check this article of “8 of Different Types Of Pool Fencing Option“, you can compare with them and get the pros & cons between them. Then just think about your budget. Please always remember that not the most expensive one is the best one but the most suitable one is the best one.

At here, we still recommend removable mesh pool fence for you. Compared with others, it’s cheap & don’t need to take too long time. For product details. View as here.

No.3: Get Quotation First Before Installation

You can check online & collect the different brands for your target pool fence. Email them or Call them, send them your requirements and ask them to quotation first. The quotation should listed all charges for different items. Then you have time to compare different brands of them. Choose 2 or 3 brands and ask them for some discount. Then get the best price for yourself. 

No.4: Try to Arrange the Pool Fence Installation By Yourself

Actually the pool fence installation is not that hard & complicated. Just like Mesh Pool Fence, if you have the installation tools & times, check on google & find a installtion guidance, you totally can make them by your family. You can check this article of ” Pool Fence Installation” for reference. Be remember it do can save a lots of money.


At last, we highly recommend you to choose a pool safety fence if you have a swimming pool. Even though it will take your extra cost, but it’s value couldn’t calculated in some time. What we can do is to choose the best one for your pool. When you decide to have one, check above four points and sure it can help you to save your money. By the way, if you have much better idea for saving cost, please don’t be hesitate to share with us.

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