How Much Does an Inground Swimming Pool Cover Cost

pool cover cost

As we know pool safety cover is quite important. And it’s a very essential investment for your swimming poo. If you’re looking to buy an inground swimming pool covers . You definitely will take the cost into consideration. What’s the cost for it?

This article will have you some information, and sure it can help you to make the right decision before buying a pool safety cover. There are several different options of pool safety cover. Like mesh or solid pool cover, automatic or manual pool cover, and the cost of each will be totally different. Typically, an inground swimming pool covers prices ranging from $600 to $4000. 

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The Cost of Different Pool Covers

Pool safety cover comes in different styles that can be added onto an existing inground or above ground pool. Below we listed the general price for the most used on the market. Hope it can have you some reference when you decide to buy a pool safety cover for your pool.

Pool Cover Type Pool Cover Cost Lifespan
Solar Covers $100-$500 From 1 to 3 Years
Winter Covers $50~$300 From 3 to 5 Years
Solid Pool Safety Cover $600-$1300 From 5 to 10 Years
Mesh Pool Safety Cover $1500~$3000 From 3~15 Years
Automatic Pool Covers $5000~$20000 From 4 to 6 Years
Sliding Deck Pool Covers $25000~$75000 From 6 to 10 Years

Solar Pool Cover

Solar cover also called solar blanket, made of special plastic that is UV Resistant. It looking like a big sheet of bubble wrap and typically come in three colors (blue, black, and green). A solar pool cover is a thin blanket that stays on the surface of the water. 

It can create a barrier between water surface and the air. heat your swimming pool through solar rays naturally. Meanwhile it also can minimize the heat loss.

This method isn’t as effective as it sometimes heats up the water at a high level, and that is the reason many pool owners just use solar covers at the end and start of the season—but you do get some benefits! Solar Covers cost you between the range of $100 to $500. The price can be higher or lower according to pool size and quality of the cover. If you can roll the cover by yourself, then it is okay; otherwise, you have to buy a reel to roll up the cover, which costs you between the range of $300 to $600.

The Benefits of Solar Pool Cover

  • Easy to install
  • Clean water from debris and leaves
  • Warm the water to amaze your pool experience
  • Save your energy costs
  • Save more chemicals

Winter Pool Cover

Winter covers are designed to protect your pool from the outer elements, and typically made of polyethylene, and come in various shades so you can find one that matches your decor. They not only let the water clean but are also known as the best swimming pool covers owing to their budget-friendly attributes.

Best for Covering Up The Leaves

Winter covers are great for keeping leaves out of your swimming pool during winter months because they create a barrier against dirt and debris that would otherwise be sucked into the water during this time period. Winter pool cover costs you $50 to $300.

The Benefits of Winter Pool Cover

  • Keep your pool clean
  • Blocks out sun
  • Product cost is comparatively low
  • Quick and easy to install

Solid Security Cover

Solid safety cover are made from high quality PVC reinforced vinyl. So it not only can prevent sunlight, dirt, debris, rainwater from entering your pool. More important, it can be a pool barrier to protect your kids or other family members out of accident of falling down. It’s one of the most secure type of pool cover.

Solid security covers are also very easy to install, which makes them ideal for permanent installations in places where people don’t want to mess around with folding or rolling up a tarp every time their kids want an afternoon swim session! General Solid Pool Cover will cost between 600$ to 1300$.

The Benefits of Solid Security Cover

  • Don’t let the water to pass
  • Keep out debris and leaves
  • Keep water clean than mesh security covers
  • Maintain temperature

Mesh Security Pool Cover

It’s a little like Solid pool cover, but which is also quite different. It’s like a large strainer that allow rain & snow fall into pool. But for the large dirt & debris, it can keep them out of swimming pool.

More exactly mesh pool cover is main designed for security. Which is used for proect your kids, your pet or your other families. 

Mesh Safety Pool Covers are best to filter your pool water with plenty of tiny holes. Mesh covers are lightweight and can be folded or wrapped when you don’t want to use them. The cost of mesh pool covers can be $1,500 – $3000.

The Benefits of Mesh Security Cover

  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Increase your swimming pool safety
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Affordable price

Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers are the most expensive option and may be difficult to install as they require two parallel tracks, but they are the best safety pool covers for inground pools. They are best for walking in your pool as they use interlocking gears. However, they don’t require any maintenance or repair after installation and can be used in all weather conditions.

These covers are not suitable for pools with a shallow depth or small surface area, so you should check your pool’s dimensions before purchasing an automatic cover. The cost of an automatic pool cover is almost from $5000 to $20,000.

The Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers

  • Reduce Heat Out Of Your Pool
  • Save your energy cost
  • Can be fold automatically
  • Maintain Chemical Balance
  • Increase Safety of your pool
  • Keep Clean of your pool

Rolling Deck Pool Cover

 they create a string barrier between the pool and near areas. They are too strong and sturdy than you can even walk on them and. Further, they are too heavy for children to move. During winters you can use your pool as garden to enjoy the tea and adjust your lawn furniture on sliding Deck Pool cover. Although they are costly yet they fit their price. They cost you between $25000 – $75000

The Benefits of Deck Pool Covers

  • It can creat more space
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Looks great & attractive among other pool covers
  • Very Safe and long lasting
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